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wanted terrorists dead, taken out by a u.s. drone strike. chief of the pakistani taliban is connected to a 2009 suicide bombing that killed seven americans at cia outpost in afghanistan. also believed behind car becoming. confirming the kill. promote number two commander to replace him. we want to preface this story by saying the person in this video is doing just fine now. very important to know he that. scary moment for fans at the denver nugget's. the team mascot rocky was lowered from the ceiling but he was out cold and totally motionless. luckily media reports say that rocky just got a little kidsy. he was a little high up there answered passed out. but, again, rocky is doing okay. probably won't be doing that again. the government can't force businesses to provide birth control. ruling coming in from appeals court. siding with business owners in ohio. business owners say being offered birth control to employees under obama care violates their beliefs as roman catholics. divided ruling is one of several on the birth control issue and will likely have to be resolved by the supreme
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1